20 Cooking Experts to Follow on Twitter

Twitter is a great place to keep up with the latest trends, tips, and ideas in the culinary arts. Sometimes you just don’t have time to watch an entire TV show or read a blog. But these 20 cooking experts offer some sound advice, recipes, and cooking tips that you can read when you’re in a hurry or “on-the-go.”

1. Bake it in a Cake– This Twitter culinary specialist, Megan Seling, is an expert in baked goods and focuses on how to bake “anything in a cake.” She started the business for an Easter baking experiment and turned it into a full-time business.

2. The Pioneer Woman– Ree Drummond runs this Twitter account, and she also runs her bakery and dessert business. She has appeared on The Food Network show at least once, and she focuses on creativity in cooking delights.

3. Fat Kid Food Blog– This blog is fun to follow, and they are very active on Twitter. They feature all kinds of cooking projects, and they try to keep their readers up-to-date on the latest cooking trends.

4. The Reluctant Gourmet– As its name implies, “The Reluctant Gourmet” is run by a guy who didn’t set out to be a cook, but became one out of necessity. He is active on Twitter and has an active blog as well that focuses on how to make unique meals out of ordinary food.

5. Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free– Amy Green runs this Twitter account and blog, which highlights ways to stay healthy but eat well.

6. The Candy Blog– The Candy Blog, as its name implies, is all about candy. Cybele May teaches people how to do all things with candy, and she has over 5,000 Twitter followers.

7. Cute Food for Kids– This blog illustrates how to bake interesting and fun treats for kids. 

8. Food in Jars– This Twitter fanatic has a mission to bring back canning one jar at a time!

9. Eat Tweet– This blog is run by a lady named Maureen who has condensed a 140-recipe cookbook into simple tweets that you can follow to create unique culinary treats. 

10. Souper Salad– These people just focus on two things: soup and salad and they come up with some easy, tasty treats that you can make at home.

11. Super Healthy Kids– As the name implies, this cooking specialist is focused on creating healthy meals for kids. Their strawberry logo is cute too!

12. Alice Waters– Alice owns a restaurant called “Chez Panisse,” and she shares many of her tips on her Twitter account, which currently has over 98,000 followers.

13. David Lebovitz– David Lebovitz lives in Paris, the home of arts and culinary experts and he gives you tips on how to make elegant and unique specialty dishes, as well as many others. He has over 220K followers.

14. Dorie’s Cookies– Dorie’s Cookies features delicious recipes for cookies and other special treats. It is run by Dorie Greenspan from New York.

15. Food & Wine– This food and wine specialist has lots of great and unique ideas for finer dining, and they run a magazine by the same title.

16. Foodista– This Twitter star has 576K followers, and they feature delicious, the unique cuisine that has an international flair. The founder also hosts an international food blog.

17. America’s Test Kitchen– This is the official Twitter account of America’s Test Kitchen.

18. Food52– Food 52 is a popular Twitter cooking personality who has the credo of “Eat thoughtfully; live joyfully.” They feature many unique and delicious dishes and they also offer helpful organizational tips for your kitchen and cooking area.

19. The Cooking Channel– This is the official Twitter account of the Cooking Channel.

20. Chefs Cooking Expert– This is a new Twitter account and food source, and they are just getting started. But their Twitter account is quite active so they may offer some great cooking tips shortly.

These 20 Twitter accounts are good ones to consider if you have a love of culinary arts and want to see what you can learn from some of the experts. 

Look through our list and click on the links and decide which ones appeal to you, then add them to your Twitter feed for some fast, fun food tips.

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