Massy Arias Instagram, Workouts and Personal Bio

You’re probably wondering, Who is Massy Arias and how she got started as a fitness influencer? Read on for a full Massy Arias Biography and follow her social media accounts for more details. There’s no doubt that Massy is an inspiring role model. She has achieved success in so many fields and is a role model to many people. However, you might be wondering, How does Massy fit into this mix of success and humility?

Who is Massy Arias?

Originally from the Dominican Republic, fitness expert Massy Arias is making waves across the world. Although she was once troubled with depression, the fitness guru has overcome these challenges to become a household name. With over 2 million followers on Instagram, Massy Arias has been one of the most followed fitness bloggers in recent years. The model has also gained fame as an advocate for body image issues. Massy Arias’ journey to fitness began after she fell into a deep depression.

The mother of two young girls, Massy Arias married Stefan Williams, otherwise known as Willy Beaman. They have a daughter together named Indira Sarai. She documented her pregnancy on her Instagram account, which has nearly two million followers, and shared photos of her bump and baby bump with her fans. In February 2017, she gave birth to a daughter, Indira Sarai. To maintain her milk supply, she had to eat 600 to 800 extra calories daily.

Massy Arias Personal Life

Massy Arias is a popular fitness guru and has been on several magazine covers. Massy’s personality has made her an inspiration for many. She is a strong role model and has gained followers worldwide. She also focuses on health and fitness and shares her knowledge online. To help others, she runs a website of the same name. To learn more about Massy, visit her website.

Massy Arias was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She spent her childhood with her parents and five brothers. She was depressed and began a fitness journey with the help of social media. Her success grew as she shared her journey with friends and fans. She is now married to Stephan Williams, who supports her life and runs her website. She and her family currently live in Los Angeles.

Massy Arias as a Fitness Influencer

Despite her humble beginnings in the Dominican Republic, Massy Arias has become a huge fitness influencer. She is a certified personal trainer, a wellness coach and an entrepreneur who shares her knowledge with millions of followers around the world. Arias shares her own nutrition and wellness supplement line and openly shares her story of depression and health struggles. After all, her fitness and wellness has helped her reclaim her life.

Before becoming a fitness influencer, Massy Arias was working in retail management. She skipped class to learn more about body composition and physical therapy. Massy’s passion for health and fitness grew even more when she started sharing her workouts on social media platforms such as Instagram. She began sharing her photos and workouts and her followers responded to them. In addition to becoming a popular influencer, Arias has become a successful businesswoman and CEO of TRU SUPPLEMENTS.

Follow Massy Arias on Social Media

Interested in following Massy Arias on Instagram? The fitness trainer from Los Angeles, born in the Dominican Republic, has more than 2 million followers on social media. Her ethos is to promote body function over appearance, and she welcomes the “hard side” of change. Through the ‘Talking Body’ series on Instagram, she aims to reach young women about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

The fitness expert’s Instagram is a great place to keep up with her latest tips and daily workouts. She shares daily inspiration, recipes, and exercise sets, and even has pictures of herself and her daughter. Her Instagram account is full of inspirational quotes, and she often shares pictures of her mother and daughter, too! If you’re a fan of celebrity fitness trainers, follow Massy Arias on Instagram and discover her latest news and workout plans.

Massy Arias Workout Programs

If you’re looking for a Dominican personal trainer, you’ve come to the right place. Massy Arias, formerly known as Mankofit, is a fitness trainer, activist, and certified health coach. She’s had over two million Instagram followers and was featured in the American way of life magazine Latina. Born in the Dominican Republic, Massy suffered from depression and body image issues as a child and was forced to leave school when she was thirteen. Her life changed dramatically when she became a personal trainer and started her own workout programs.

The personal trainer was once plagued by poor health and a severe case of depression, but her struggles led her to choose fitness as a way out. Working out every day gave her a new found sense of happiness and self-esteem. In fact, she began sharing her positive experiences on social media. Since then, she’s grown into an entrepreneur, owning her own company, Tru Supplements. As a result, she’s managed to reach a global audience and continues to inspire people all over the world with her workout programs and motivational speeches.

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