Metabolic Cooking Weight Loss Guide

Let’s face it, knowing what and when to cook when you want to lose weight naturally can be hard. It can also lead to lots of frustration so you have to do all you can in order to focus on great results and a stellar attention to detail. Metabolic Cooking is a program that was designed in order to enhance your weight loss techniques and offer a more natural approach to the entire experience.

What is the Metabolic Cooking program?

Based on the Metabolic Cooking review I did, I was pleased to see that the program is a nutritional guide as well as a recipe book that will help boost the metabolism and offer you a great way to lose fat naturally. Not only does it manage to bring in front some great results, it’s also a simple program that you can follow with ease and whose results will indeed appear very often which is what matters the most at the end of the day.

Integrated in the program I found around 250 recipes. Yes, there are quite a lot of nice recipes and all of them are detailed to the point that you can easily figure out how you can cook them immediately and with great results. I like this approach to cooking and I definitely wanted to see the true potential that Metabolic Cooking delivers. 

The program is created by Karine Losier which is a well-known nutritionist and she also created the metabolic diet that goes under the name of Lean Kitchen Queen. She definitely has the experience that is needed in order to create and back such a program and honestly you can see that the results come fast thanks to it!

How does this work?

The human body accumulates fat very fast and it does a very good job at offering you energy reserves when you need them. But if you have a sedentary life the fat stored in your body will lead to unhealthy situations and that’s the main reason why you have to use a more natural approach. It’s all about knowing how to address these problems and that’s what enticed me to try this program in the first place. 

The main purpose of this Metabolic Cooking review was to see what the book does and how it works. The idea is simply, it allows you to avoid the foods that make your body accumulate fat and instead it will offer you guidance towards those foods that will help you burn fat faster and better. It’s a great way to stay healthy and since it’s a product focused on healthy living, I think it does a very good job at what it sets off to do!

What is included in the package?

Honestly, there’s quite a lot of stuff here. I was actually overwhelmed when I saw how much you can find at this price. Basically, you have 9 cookbooks, more than 250 recipes as well as a seasoning guide, quick sheets, cooking video series as well as a fat loss optimizer guide, a nutrition profiling system and some additional resources. These are basically focused on helping you stay healthy and look better. It’s not a surprising thing by any stretch of the imagination but I did find everything in here to deliver great, quality information and the results you can obtain are very good which is what matters the most.

Does it work?

If my experience with it is any indication, then yes. With so many recipes to choose from you will find the product to have a lot of value and attention to detail delivered here. You will never get bored, instead you will always find new avenues and recipes that you can try out which I find very impressive. The recipes work for both men and women, which is why I converted my husband towards giving them a try. Men will certainly love this!

I also need to note that unlike other similar products, Metabolic Cooking has effects that will last as you use it in time. It’s very easy to use and it will convey a lot of value which is what matters the most at the end of the day. I like the fact that the system is very easy to follow too, so you can easily integrate it into your lifestyle if that’s what you want!

Pros and cons


I have to say that the lack of final pictures is a little bad here. But you do get plenty of images on what you can do during the meals so you should check that out immediately. Also, Metabolic Cooking seems a little basic for the fitness professionals, so if you are in this category you need to find some other product that will cater to your needs a lot better!


Despite the few minor issues there are plenty of great things about Metabolic Cooking. Basically, it has a lot of recipes that work great and which maintain a very good value as a whole. It also helps you even if you are vegetarian as there are numerous vegetarian choices that you can make if you want to follow these instructions.

Also, the way they explain the recipes is nice and it does feature quite a lot of exciting ways to enjoy your time. The recipes are flexible and you can easily test them out whenever you can. The program on its own is amazing and it does convey plenty of possibilities which are very important for me at the end of the day.


Metabolic Cooking does a great job when it comes to offering you high quality access to interesting foods. It’s not hard to get into and once you start using it you will definitely want to use it more and more. The recipes are diverse which I like a lot and with more than 250 of them you do have plenty of experimentation to do. As a whole, I was very satisfied with the Metabolic Cooking purchase and I would definitely recommend it to others.

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